Dental tourism: How to get your dental implants overseas

Dental tourism is the process of getting dental implants overseas. This article will focus on how dental tourism works and if it is a wise idea. Read more to find out the answer to this question: “Is it really safe to get your dental implants overseas?”


What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is quickly gaining popularity for people who want to have a good excuse to go on a vacation and get something done in the process. The ever-rising prices of dental procedures are what usually pushes people to go on this type of holiday. Other reasons for people to go on dental tourism trips would be the very long waiting list that some patients have with their dentists. 


Getting dental implants overseas

There are two ways to book your dental tourism holiday. 


Self-planned holiday. You can choose to plan the whole holiday yourself, choose the hotel you will stay at, the dentist or specialist you will be visiting to have the procedure done, and everything else about the trip.


Booked through a dental tourism website. Although this option is pricier, some countries like India, which are known to promote dental tourism, would have websites available that would allow you to book the trips. These pre-planned trips already have recommended dentists and they would find the best value for your stay for the holiday, board and lodging already included.

Is it safe?

dental implants overseas

One crucial frequently asked question is if getting dental implants overseas is safe. The answer is that most dental procedures done abroad are relatively safe. However, just like any operation, some risks accompany getting a procedure done abroad.


Dental history. A dentist needs to be familiar with the dental and medical history of a patient before dental implant surgery is done. The dentist abroad will not have this information, so it would be wise to carry your records with you if you travel.

No dental insurance. Although dental insurance will most like not to be able to cover dental implants even if they are done in your home country anyway, it is surely not going to cover your costs to have the procedure done in another country.

Recovery. If you opt to travel while you are still recovering, you risk coming into contact with germs and bacteria, getting an infection can make you very sick. Also, if you fly while your implant is still in the recovery stage, the pressure on the flight might disrupt the healing process. 

Lack of regulation. Since the procedure will be done in a different country, the usual safety laws that govern these dental procedures will not apply to the dentists overseas.

Tips before going abroad for dental implants

Although dental tourism is becoming more and more popular, and the price for dental implants is very high, you must weigh the pros and cons before even considering the trip. If you are a person who is prone to infection, you may want to consider getting your implants done with your dentist. However, if you have weighed the odds, and want to take a trip to get your implants done, you can opt to do so.

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