All-Important Facts About Specific Types Of Dentists

Attaining a Dentistry career offers various opportunities for different people interested in this field. Patients have different dental concerns after all. That is why dentistry is specific for different categories to ensure the right dental treatment for them. For people that are unsure about their dental problems, different types of dentists suggest that a person needs a consultation first. It is important to diagnose oral problems beforehand. Any person who desires financial efficiency in their checkups benefits from taking this step.

The Different Types of Dentists

In general, there are only two types of categories that a dental practitioner may be. In other cases, there are career opportunities for dental administrators or managers. These types of dentists are usually found in bigger dental facilities or hospitals. However, the article will focus on the two main categories in dental practice. Doctorate required dental professionals are those who studied in dental schools for more than 6-8 years. These dentists may get their bachelor’s degree first and then add their doctorate after. Furthermore, these dental professionals also have certain specializations for their craft.

Doctorate Required Dental Professionals

General Dentists (Doctor of Dental Surgery/Doctor of Dental Medicine)

What you usually see in a dentist’s clinic is the Doctor Of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD/DDM) himself or herself. Although the two don’t have a difference, they mostly do restorative and hygiene care for their patients. They administer oral examinations, gum treatment, tooth filling, and extraction. They are also capable of interpreting x-rays and exams as well as creating treatment plans for the patient’s dental health. If a dentist wants to specialize in surgical treatments such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, they require additional education and board-certification.

Cosmetic Surgeon

Being a cosmetic surgeon may also get a breakdown into two types of dentist practices: Oral or Maxillofacial surgery. These two are more specific if the treatment is focused on either the oral problems around the teeth or gums, the jaws on the mouth, or mouth birth defects. Usually, cosmetic surgeons give treatments for dental implants, veneers, and composite bonding. The common goals of a patient needing cosmetic surgery are for teeth replacement, birth defect fix, and teeth whitening.


An orthodontist is probably the first surgeon you’ve seen when you were a child. These doctors are professionals for jaw and teeth alignment. They utilize oral instruments such as braces, retainers, and other dental products that help straighten and realign crooked or misaligned teeth. In further education and specialization, most orthodontists also help in correcting TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Disorders. It involves treating jaw malocclusions, overbite or underbites.

PediatriTypes Of Dentists For Adults and Kids Dental Problemsc Dentists

Children and younger patients need their specific dental practitioners as well. Pediatric dentists are experts in childcare. It helps children feel calm and secured whenever they are doing their dental checkups. They also know how to interpret the reasons for a child’s dental problem and administers their specific concerns.

Mid-Level Dental Practitioners

Dental Hygienist

Another common dental career, dental hygienists are usually seen as the next step in being a dentist. A dental hygienist can almost perform what general dentists can do except when it comes to surgery. Most dental hygienists do the oral examination and tests of the patient. They talk to the patient to assess their dental concerns. The dentist benefit in this way so that he or she knows what to do before the procedure.

Most dental technicians work with dental administrators as they work in the background. These dental technicians perform X-ray examinations or lab tests for the patient. They also manufacture the dental items needed such as the implants, crowns or other dental prostheses for misaligned teeth.

Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are usually on-the-job trainees or DDS/DDM students that need experience for their dentistry education. They are not qualified to do surgical procedures or other dentist or dental hygienist level dental care. They greatly help in assisting the dentists in their surgical operations.

How To Find The Right Dental Professional For Me

As a patient, you need to ensure that you’re getting the right dental care. Contact your local dental clinic and mention the specific problem you are getting. Prepare for your next dental checkup by researching more about your dental concern.

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