Do Whitening Strips Work On Yellow Teeth? (5 Misconceptions)

Are you having trouble making your teeth whiter? Have you spent countless money on buying teeth whitening strips to no avail? If your answers are yes to all these questions, then it may be the perfect time to regain your smile by going to a dental expert. Patients of previous teeth whitening sessions can also visit for more tips on teeth whitening. A person that is misinformed about the usual inquiry do whitening strips work on yellow teeth, may always rely on too good to be true products. Yet, they may miss the medical and dental aspects of having yellow teeth in the first place. 


Why Do People Have Yellow Teeth?

If you weren’t able to see what causes your teeth to become yellow, you might be making the same unhealthy habits while applying a whitening strip. Some of these can be eating habits that you can’t stop. You may also be skipping your dentist’s appointment. No matter what the reasons for yellow teeth are, individuals need to be careful with their dental healthcare. DIY kits with a bleaching agent may not be as effective as going to a professional for ways and options that really work. 


Several Causes Of Yellow Teeth Are:

Stains From Wine, Coffee, Or Energy Drinks

Do you love drinking your morning coffee or your evening wine? Are you a health buff trying to regain your boost from energy drinks? All of these beverages have their downsides. First, wine and coffee contain tannins which are an astringent and color enhancer that makes coffee and wine dark. Once the tannin goes into the dentin and enamel or surface of the skin, it can also produce a darker shade. On the other hand, an energy drink may contain artificial sugar that boosts the production of bacteria that leads to cavities and bacterial infection.


Can Be A Symptom Of Dental Disease

Do Whitening Strips Work On Yellow Teeth

Have you been in doubt and always come to a point where you ask, do whitening strips work on yellow teeth? You may not just be suffering from a simple stain problem, but an underlying medical condition can shock you. Symptoms like yellow teeth are a sign of a cracked or chipped tooth, bacterial infection, or gum disease. Gingivitis, common inflammation of the gums, discolor tooth from the infection of the gums. It may even produce infections in the root canal and cause a dental abscess. Support your whitening routine by making sure that a dentistry expert such as a periodontist can treat your dental disease. It is vital to know the root source of your yellow teeth rather than covering it with a strip.


Natural Teeth Shade

According to dentistry experts, several people may have a natural shade of yellow or even silver or gray for their pearly teeth. Both extrinsic and intrinsic factors can also change the color of someone’s teeth. According to several research cases, even a person’s race and skin color can predict what will be their offspring’s teeth color. Genetics and teeth structure plays an integral part in determining if a person’s teeth are naturally white or not. 


Smoking And Alcohol

Aside from the natural factors of yellow teeth, a higher risk of having yellow, stained teeth are from unhealthy habits. The Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) says that smokers and unmanaged alcoholic drinking habits are prone to having yellow teeth. Particularly, ingredients in a cigarette or tobacco can damage the nerves and cells in the person’s gums. Both alcohol and smoking can significantly reduce a person’s healthy bloodstream, which also decreases the life source of a healthy tooth.


Too Much Abrasion

Scrubbing your teeth like it’s an overworked grilling machine can be a funny thought. Yet, there are many people who actually practice over brushing or rinsing their teeth every five minutes. Some people even use more than the indicated whitening strips per day, thinking that the procedure helps the whitening process. Abrasion of the natural production of dentin and enamel enhances tooth sensitivity.


Is Whitening Strips Effective? (These 5 Misconceptions Can Be Dangerous)

It is true that whitening strips are safe and effective since it contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to increase whiter teeth. However, if a person doesn’t follow the steps on the box or label of the whitening strips, then he or she can have second thoughts like, do whitening strips on yellow teeth. It may also be the right time to look outside the box of yellow teeth and go beyond the treatment. Knowing the causes of yellow teeth can ultimately save your money and your time from buying endless DIY whitening strips. 


Five Misconceptions of Using Whitening Strips

  • They Work Fast With Effects After 24 Hours
  • Whitening Strips Work On Any Shade Of Teeth
  • Whitening Strips Make Your White Teeth Healthy
  • Teeth Won’t Become Stained After A Whitening Strip
  • Skipping Dental Hygiene For Teeth Whitening Procedures


Any of these reasons may be your reason why you use whitening strips. Popular toothpaste brands like Crest have their guidelines on how does their teeth whitening strips work. Despite the instructions, many patients simply want fast results. Nevertheless, questioning your dentist about, do whitening strips work on yellow teeth can give better solutions for your dilemma. 


Can Home Remedies Reduce Yellow Teeth?

Do Whitening Strips Work On Yellow Teeth Professional Dentist

If you still don’t see any whitening results from your whitening strips, you can try to whiten your teeth with home remedies. Despite many claims that home remedies are more effective than dental treatments, they are not medically tested. Do take note that these can reduce the stains and the yellow plaque but not entirely make your teeth white and glowing. Apart from the misconceptions in quick and easy whitening strips, home remedies can also be something catchy. People who use tea tree oil, baking soda, or other essential oils with cloves may come into conclusion that whitening can only be successful under the hands of a dentistry expert.


If My Teeth Isn’t Seeing Whitening Results, Who Should I Go To?

A teeth whitening strip can be dangerous if you continuously use it despite experiencing toothaches, sensitivity, and gum swelling. You may want to consult a dental specialist that can also advise which products are harming your beautiful set of whites. Several dental clinics already have dentists that work on the removing plaque on the thin layer of teeth. A person with a natural yellow teeth color can also consult a cosmetic dental clinic. Only a certified cosmetic dentist can suggest a proper way to bleach these pearls in the mouth. Look for online reviews on trusted and certified cosmetic dental clinics that can give professional advice for whitening strips.

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