What Are 6 Ways For Replacing Missing Tooth?

Can tooth become an investment in your life? If you’re not careful with your dental health, you may pay more for the cost of replacing missing tooth than most of your necessities. A great way to stop oral diseases from recurring is to have a professional dentist to treat your missing teeth. Just as suggested by dr Suh, an experienced dentist in West Ryde in Sydney, it is better to visit a dentist instead of doing nothing for your missing tooth. Besides, you may suffer from a toothache or clench your gums due to trapped food or bacteria buildup. 



Is It Normal To Have Missing Teeth?

For some people who are continually worrying about their teeth’s health, they desire to have topnotch protection. Yet, it may be normal to have missing teeth, that is if you are a child with temporary teeth. Children may lose their teeth during their preteens until the young adult stage as temporary primary teeth erupt into permanent teeth. As an adult, on the contrary, it may be risky to leave a significant area vulnerable to cavities and plaque. Adults that have a gap in their teeth and gums can suffer from gingivitis too. Moreover, some people are born with a missing tooth. Tooth agenesis, a genetic factor for a missing tooth, is a rare dental disorder. 


6 Options Patients Can Choose For Replacing Missing Tooth

Dentistry offers many services for replacing a missing tooth that is safe, tested, and comfortable. From dentures to bridges, to dental implants, several categories fits people of all age. Individuals who want to replace their tooth may find a clinic to assess which areas need replacement. You may also ask these options and ways from your trusted orthodontist or prosthetic specialist. 


Dental Implants

An expensive but cost – effective solution to have a perfect, natural smile are available through wearing dental implants. The materials for the implant make teeth appear as natural as possible. Moreover, they are sturdy, less likely to wear out and helps the patient to open their mouth more comfortably. A dentist may recommend a patient to have implants to prevent the infection from recurring. Furthermore, implants help correct bite, speech issues, and eliminates embarrassment from the look of dentures and bridges. An excellent oral appliance comes with an expensive price, as dental implants cost $3,000 to $4,500 per single tooth. 


Traditional Full Dentures

Full dentures can either be removable or fixed and replace all the missing teeth of a person. People that get complete dentures either suffers from total tooth loss, accident, injury or from tooth anodontia. The appliance sits on top of the gums for support or may need extraction for replacing a missing tooth with surrounding side tooth or teeth. The advantage of replacing a missing tooth with a complete dental instrument is how it costs less than modern oral care treatments. Furthermore, the patient can choose from “immediate” or “conventional” where the former is made ahead of time and the latter needs eight to twelve weeks after the tooth extraction. 


Fixed Bridge (Implant-Supported)

An implant – supported or fixed bridge procedure may be one of the best to replace the lost tooth as this option involves protecting a healthy jaw bone. It is also affordable and may cost less than usual bridge solutions. A fixed bridge ranges from $300 and $1,000 depending on if it’s metal or porcelain.



Flipper dentures are usually right to replace one missing tooth. It is only a temporary replacement for a front tooth, molar, or more and only requires few visits to the dentist. However, you may want to stick to a better option after having this common solution. 


Removable Partial Denture

Replacing Missing Tooth

A removable partial denture may be your choice if your missing teeth are not adjacent to each other. Most partial dentures have materials with chrome metal framework (Cobalt), acrylic resin base, or plastic for flexibility. Partial dentures are great for filling in gaps in between teeth and gums. On the other hand, a patient may not find removable partial dentures comfortable to wear, and they can break easily. Although the cost of this denture makes up for its disadvantages, as it only ranges from $300 to $2000 depending on its materials.  


Composite Bridge

Maryland bridge or a Rochette are among the popular options for a composite resin bridge which only replaces front teeth (tooth). One reason why patients switched to others is how it can affect how they chew food. Moreover, it is fragile, and another bridge may replace this supposed replacement appliance. 

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