What Do Dental Lab Technicians Do? Know The Professionals Behind The Dental Prosthetics

Oral health and hygiene are one of the most fundamental aspects of a person’s life. Not only is a complete and white smile attractive, but it could easily boost one’s confidence. Hence, dental dilemmas are something everyone prevents and even fears. There are also campaigns to move people in saving their teeth and keeping their oral condition healthy. And If you need a tooth replacement for some reason, don’t lose your hope quickly. Dental lab technicians exist to save you from this mishap. Hence, knowing if there are dental labs open near you is not enough. You should know what dental lab technicians do and what skills they need to save you and your set of pearly whites.


Who Are The Dental Lab Technicians?

The professionals behind the perfect and almost natural-looking dental prosthetics are the dental lab technicians. These people carefully create and craft dental devices based on the impressions and description your dentists provide. This practice is also known as dental laboratory technology. To take a technician under a microscopeclose look, dental lab technology is the art and science of creating and manufacturing dental devices that correct, look and function like the natural teeth. Each patient has a different and unique oral condition. Hence, one of the most important highlights of their job is to make sure that they meet the needed description, even how small it is. And to materialize the dental appliances close to perfection, the dental lab technicians work closely with the dentists.

After a thorough examination, your dentist will provide a note of comprehensive prescription to the technician. This note will include the particulars for the final choice of treatment and restoration. In turn, the technician will help the dentists decide on the best material to use and the designs for the corrective devices. Hence, the dental laboratory technicians might work in the background, but they play key roles in restoring your smile.


What Do Dental Lab Technicians Do: A Closer Look On The Profession

The job of the dental laboratory technician is by every means important as any other medical professional. This career requires more than just skill and talent in creating dental prosthetics. Their duties need other traits such as flexibility and manual dexterity. And if you are wondering what do dental lab technicians do, it could be generalized into three including:

  • Art

Every client has a unique state. And the dental laboratory technician works on each case’s complexity closely. Hence, crowns and dentures may be from man-powered laboratories. But laboratory techs work on each of the device’s individuality. And like art itself, a dental laboratory tech strives on beauty and satisfaction through ensuring high-quality products. More so, it is a job that aims to meet what dentists envision and what patients hope.


  • Science

A dental laboratory technician does not just fabricate bridges and other dental appliances out of thin air. And neither do the impressions provide the comprehensive detail they need. Each laboratory technician undergoes training and education. This requirement is essential to know and understand normal mouth anatomy, masticatory mechanism and the ideal materials. And without the proper knowledge, they wouldn’t be able to create precise and accurate products. Hence, as much as scientists are keen and critical on minute details, so do dental laboratory technicians.


  • Technology

To create a remarkable difference in their career and serve their clients better, dental laboratory technicians embrace technology —together with its advancement. In fact, these changes are the staples of modern dentistry today. Through state-of-the-art techniques which include working with Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), they take prosthetic production and repair to a higher level. Hence, these beneficial developments require each dental laboratory technician to be adept not just in crafting. But in programming and computer manipulation as well.


What Do Dental Lab Technicians Do: How They Help Patients And Dentists

on denture makingThere are two dentistry specializations that often seek the services of a dental lab tech. This includes restorative dentistry and orthodontics. Restorative dentistry or prosthodontics often refer to the case in which patients need to restore a missing, fractured, or extracted tooth. On the contrary, orthodontics encompasses the procedures that use products to correct, align, stabilize, and improve teeth’ appearance. Braces and retainers fall to the orthodontic category.

By working with different materials including waxes, stainless steel and porcelains, the dental lab technician can construct perfect appliances that emulate natural teeth. Here are some devices than dental laboratories manufacture:


Perhaps one of the most common dental prostheses of all time, dentures provide a reliable solution to missing teeth. Whether it’s partial, complete or other types, a dental laboratory technician ensures that the appliance matches the molds. And as dentures are prone to damage, it is also the technician’s task to provide repair for it.



Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps placed on top of a filed tooth or teeth. The dentist shaves the original tooth small enough so that the crown could cap over it. The dental lab technician works closely with the dentist and the patient’s information to ensure that the crown doesn’t obstruct the mouth bite. With the ceramics matching natural teeth color, crowns provide an excellent restoration in function and aesthetics.



As the name implies, bridges span the gap from missing tooth or teeth. From the gap, the tooth on each side will act as anchors. Basically, it resembles a long crown with false teeth in between. However, compared to dentures, bridges look and feel more natural. Thanks to the crafty ceramics work of a dental technician, you get to have another permanent and aesthetic option when it comes to teeth replacement.



Ateam of techniciansnother in-demand product from a dental lab technician is an implant. By directly attaching a screw to the jaw, this prosthetic provides a life-time solution to a missing tooth. Even though some cases warrant surgeries, it does not weigh down its perks and benefits. And it is the laboratory technician’s work to design the crown and screw accurately. Its success often relies on the precision and attention to detail of the laboratory techs. Hence, failure to create the implant based on patient measurements will cause future implant problems.



These excellent restoration techniques are on the rise nowadays with their cosmetic attributes. Veneers are thin dental overlays ideal for broken, chipped or stained tooth. However, like procedures for crowns, the dentist will have to file the tooth. But the result will always end with a white, complete and perfect smile. More so, this restoration option also provides a long-term dental solution.


What It Takes To Be One

If you are engaged in art and like to have a flexible working condition, you should consider being a dental laboratory technician. The job offers unlimited options on the nature of work. A technician could be a part of big manufacturers, work alone or in a team. Technicians could even be the suppliers and laboratory owners themselves. But before you get to engorge into the roles and duties of a dental technician, you should have formal training and education. Indeed, creating a prosthetic based only on molds could be tricky.


Professional committees and regulating bodies encourage taking college level or vocational courses before becoming a full-fledged dental laboratory technician. After all, you can only be a certified dental technician (CDT) after passing an exam or completing your course. A dental lab technician could even specialize in making specific appliances like dentures and crowns.


With the increase in demand for CDT’s, you could be looking at a good salary and work opportunities. On average, a certified dental laboratory technician earns a salary of more than $30, 000. Indeed, with the other jobs needing countless requirements, being a laboratory technician offers a pretty decent success path.


All In All

There are many people behind those successful implants and dental products other than the dentists. And when you get to wear that complete and perfect smile again, you should remember that the dental laboratory technicians play a major role in creating it. Even when they did not have as long educational qualifications as the others, they work hands-on in every patient’s case. All this, while keenly following the dentist’s treatment prescription. Hence, although dental technician jobs may not require close interaction, they are people you should thank and remember for that perfect-fitting denture or crown.

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