Dental Labs in Houston: Characteristics of a Good One

When you go to your dentist, you are being exposed to the dental clinic that he works at. So. The only ideals you think of revolves around the clinic itself – its cleanliness, organization, and professional behavior of the dental team. But what you may not know is just the tip of the iceberg. For a dental procedure to be successful and efficient, there is a place where they fabricate your dental appliances. This is where dentists turn to the dental laboratories, whether they are self-owned or as a third-party service provider. For instance, dental labs in Houston would often provide their services to different dental professionals, from general dentists up to specialists like orthodontists, periodontists, or cosmetic dentists. If you have seen a dental laboratory near you, then that may indicate that the dentists in your area may be partnering with them.

Let us broaden our perspective of how dentists should be rated, not just within the clinic, but also outside their establishment where your dental essentials are being made. What are the characteristics of a good dental laboratory? If you have the right parameters in distinguishing these facilities, dental labs in Houston, for instance, can be easily characterized as topnotch versus mediocre versus below par.



Characteristics of a Dental Laboratory


Centered on Client Satisfaction

Dentists answer to their patients’ needs because they are their clients. The same goes for dental labs. Each dental laboratory in your area caters to the requirements and specifications set by the dentists who partner with them for their services. The American Dental Laboratory, River Oaks Dental Arts, and Avilab Dental Laboratory all have  an established system that ensures both the dentists and us, as patients, will get high-quality dental appliances and other essential paraphernalia. Dentists, upon checking a patient’s condition, initially recommend a particular procedure that can address his dental health concerns. The devices or pieces of dental appliances he needs to perform the procedure is being requested and fabricated at a dental laboratory. As Miracle Dental Lab states, the quality of your dentist’s services, hence, lies partly in how good his dental lab is. Its commitment to excellence relies on how accurate the product is from a dentist’s orders, which were indirectly gearing towards a dental procedure’s success and effectiveness.


Open Communication and Partnership with Reputable Dentists

dental lab and dentist communicationWe mentioned that dentists might have their own dental labs or are in partnership with established ones to produce their dental appliances. Some dental labs in Houston like the AM Dental Laboratory and RP Dental Lab Inc. often have connections with dentists not just within the area but also all over the US. This connection is made stronger and clearer through effective communication. A dentist’s specific requirements should be relayed in detail for the dental labs to process and incorporate in their products. This way, the gears and contraptions that your dentist will use can effectively address and perform individualized treatment procedures. Dentists maintain their good partnership with third-party dental labs based on the efficiency and precision of their dental services brought about, to some extent, by how dental labs produce their essentials.


Use of High-Quality Materials

If dentists’ services are being measured by the efficiency of their procedures, dental laboratories are being rated by the strength, precision, and quality of the dental gears they produce. How the dental appliances are made has a huge impact on how a procedure will work. For instance, orthodontic treatments lie heavily on the gears that your dentist will use, how often they are adjusted, and how strong they are to withstand such force or pressure to move your teeth. Dental labs, like New Pars Lab in Houston, maintain their reputation by making sure that their dental partners get a hold of their top-notch dental materials every single transaction.


Willingness to Improve

There is nothing constant in this world other than change, so they say. In dental science, innovation and technological advancements happen more often than how people perceive. So for a dental laboratory to go with the flow, it has to have the ability to adapt to these changes. It thrives on bringing forth and supporting new procedures and systems in producing dental essentials to be able to develop new techniques and approaches in dental treatment. If a dental lab can provide the means for a dentist to apply new techniques in his services, it can get many requests from dentists who want to delve into these new services and procedures. You can expect that most dental labs in Houston would offer up-to-date dental materials to be used for state-of-the-art techniques, allowing their business reputation to grow side-by-side with their dentist clients.


Certified for their Services

dental laboratoriesIf dentists should have high credentials and affiliations with their respective dental associations, so do dental laboratories. In the US, the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) was a merged organization of the Dental Laboratory Institute of America and the American Dental Laboratory Association. Every dental laboratory in the country, like the Naff Dental Laboratory, Smith Dental Laboratory, and Rx Dental Laboratory, should become a member and abide by the rules and requirements of the group in order to ensure the integrity, quality, and commitment of the facility aimed towards the patients’ safety and well-being. There is also the UK’s General Dental Council (GDC) that requires all dental lab technicians and personnel to be members of their organization. Apart from this, technicians can also have their licenses if they are to be registered with the Dental Technologists Association (DTA) to ensure that they have the proper knowledge and skills to perform their job responsibilities.


Dental Labs in Houston: Our Picks

Need assistance in finding a reliable dental laboratory in your area? Here is our top 10 list of Dental labs in Houston rated for their professionalism, years in service, and more importantly, their precision and accuracy in adjusting their dental appliances based on their client’s preferences.

  1. Stern Empire Dental Lab
  2. Sam’s Dental Lab Inc.
  3. Precision Dental Ceramics Laboratory
  4. Spring Dental Laboratory
  5. Mariner Dental Laboratory
  6. RP Dental Lab
  7. Champions Crown and Bridge Lab Inc
  8. Saigon Dental Laboratories
  9. Summit Dental Laboratory
  10. AS Dental Laboratory


Now that dental labs in Houston are becoming more and more established, we hope that this article helped you discern which company services you will entrust to be a partner for your procedures and treatments. Knowing that you have a reliable dental laboratory to fabricate and produce your dental appliances gives you the confidence to showcase and endorse your treatments as one of the best, if not the best. Check out their websites to learn more about their services.

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