What Exactly Does An Ideal Dental Laboratory Do?

A dental lab works hand in hand with dental clinics to provide quality services for patients. An ideal dental laboratory must have complete dental requirements and equipment to ensure that dentists will be able to supply all the prosthodontic needs required for treatments. They also need to follow laboratory regulations and must possess the necessary dental requirements to operate. This specialist dentist near Cheltenham can give us a brief introduction to what’s inside a dental lab.


Importance Of Ideal Dental Laboratory

If you are thinking that your dentures, crowns, and bridges came from your dentist, that is where you’re wrong. These prosthodontic needs are manufactured in a dental laboratory by expert technicians. The process is simple, the dentist will examine your mouth, make an impression of it, and determine which treatment would you need.

After doing so, he will submit the dental prescription to the laboratory where dental lab technicians will create the prostheses. This is the reason why most of the time, your dentist cannot give an accurate date as to when you can return for your dentures or crowns. It’s because that will depend on how fast does the dental laboratory will work on it.


Services Of Dental Technicians

working on denturesThe people who work in dental laboratories are called technicians. They are also professionals in the field of dentistry. The only difference is that they are behind the curtain and patients don’t normally meet them.

For dental technicians, their work is a combination of science and art. They will have to incorporate their knowledge in science as well as their skills in creating prostheses that will vary from the patient’s needs.

Here are the prosthodontic needs that technicians provide for better oral health:

  • Full dentures. These are prescribed by dentists to patients who are missing their entire set of teeth.
  • Partial dentures. Depending on the preference of the patient, this can be removable or fixed in place. Partial dentures are for those who have 1 or more missing teeth but still have remaining natural teeth.
  • Dental crowns. Dentists use crowns for various reasons. But generally, it is a restorative option for broken, discolored, or damaged teeth that can still function on their own.
  • Veneers. In cosmetic dentistry, veneers are the most in-demand restorative option. These are thin shell-like materials that are glued on the teeth surface to hide their damages.
  • Orthodontic appliances also come from a dental laboratory. They protect the teeth and straighten them at the same time.

Go to this site to find out about teeth restorations. In short, a dental lab helps dentists meet the dental requirements they need in order to provide great services to their patients.


Dental Laboratory Certification

An ideal dental lab must have complete permits and certification before it can operate. For a dental lab announced as Certified Dental Laboratory, it must meet the dental requirements set by the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme. They will inspect the facility and make sure that the following passed their standards:

  • highly skilled staff
  • trained personnel
  • licensed lab technicians
  • infection control
  • tidiness
  • tracking methods
  • processing strategies
  • manufacturing procedures


Dental Lab Regulations

dental lab equipmentTo ensure that a dental laboratory is capable of bringing the best kinds of service, the government exercises its right to regulate dental health facilities. One of their strict rules adheres to a requirement that no unlicensed dental technician must engage in creating dental prostheses. All prosthodontic needs must only be manufactured by a licensed technician inside a certified dental laboratory.

Over the past few years, dentists introduce additional regulations to dental laboratories. They submitted some of these for the welfare and protection of their employees. Apart from requiring them to provide high-quality services, they also take charge in providing a safe and healthy environment for their workers. For the benefit of many dental laboratory employees, the government is strictly regulating each certified dental lab.


General Requirements

To become a certified dental laboratory, the facility must follow the general rules imposed by the national board of certification. Here are some of the requirements that a dental lab must adhere to:

  • Comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regarding the occupational health and safety of the employees.
  • Dentists should not leave overcrowding or incomplete equipment unnoticed.
  • The location of the machines must be in safe areas.
  • Dental labs must have written policies displayed in the facility.

The lab’s hardware and software must be checked and supported by experts so that it complies with the latest regulations.

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