Boka Toothpaste Review: Combining Modern Science and Nature

For decades, manufacturers have commonly incorporated fluoride in dental supplies to promote oral health. However, a lot of people are concerned about the dangers of excessive usage. These issues pave the way for Boka’s rising popularity. The company specializes in toothpaste containing nano-medical hydroxyapatite, a known alternative to fluoride. However, is this product completely safe? Read more from this Boka toothpaste review to find out.




When making a purchase, say a new car or a gadget, we don’t just impulsively settle on the first thing we set our eyes on. So why should dental care products be treated any differently? Yes, you may find that there are several brands to select from. But if you look closely, these products contain the same ingredients and address similar issues.

For toothpaste, in particular, it is easy to notice a list of chemicals written on its packaging. Among these are substances detrimental to your health, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, and fluoride.

There are numerous well-known brands on the market. However, there are also lesser-known firms offering products containing natural and organic ingredients. Boka is one of these firms, and their products surprisingly provide superior benefits to those sold by leading companies.


What Is Boka?

Founded in 2016, Boka is a company new to the market that focuses on oral care products. It aims to motivate and inspire customers to improve their wellbeing by establishing the connection between oral health and overall health.

Boka’s brand messaging is in line with scientific research that links oral disorders to other health issues. The mouth is the body’s entry point; therefore, you can’t have a healthy body if your mouth is unwell. Among their products are electric and manual toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, floss, and their most popular natural toothpaste.


What Is Hydroxyapatite?

Hydroxyapatite is a nontoxic mineral constituent of calcium apatite that naturally occurs in human teeth, bones, and saliva. It makes up ninety-seven percent of our tooth enamel, seventy percent of dentine, and sixty percent of our bones. Moreover, our saliva uses it to assist in remineralizing our teeth.

Nano hydroxyapatite is the name for the components’ synthesized variant. It is helpful in several healthcare fields, such as orthopedics, osteopathy, and dentistry. You can commonly find this substance in natural products essential in restoring and healing teeth and bones during therapy.


Where Does It Originate?

what is boka toothpasteNASA first used hydroxyapatite in the year 1970 to treat astronauts returning from space missions. Since these people spent months in a zero-gravity environment, a substantial loss in bone mass and teeth is not surprising. As a result, hydroxyapatite was utilized as a biomedical therapy to assist in healing and recovery.

Several years after, a Japanese company was successful in obtaining the patent from NASA. The Sangi Co Ltd was the first to commercialize hydroxyapatite. They used it as a significant component of their enamel-restoration toothpaste, which is still available today.


Where Can I Find Nano-HAp?

Medical and dental uses of nano-hydroxyapatite are prominent because of its biocompatibility with the human body. Its remineralizing properties enable growth and regeneration, leading to its usage as a constituent in numerous health and dental products.


Nano hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

In toothpaste, Nano-medical hydroxyapatite is famous as a fluoride substitute. This component is recognizable for remineralizing and reconstruction of teeth, which helps get rid of dental problems. For years, it has been a gold standard component for oral health products in Japan. Experts have even begun experimenting with it in energy drinks. This test intends to combat the surge in adolescent dental decay, often caused by increased sugary and acidic beverages.


Our Impressions


Boka Ela Mint Toothpaste and Coco Ginger

Boka toothpaste is available in two flavors, namely Boka Ela Mint and Coco Ginger. Although the paste has a mint flavor, it is noticeably milder and less harsh than its competitors. Despite containing sodium bicarbonate in the product, we did not notice any roughness or grittiness on the tooth surface, tongue, or gums.

Boka has not specified the abrasiveness of the paste. However, based on its appearance and texture, we believe it is not too abrasive. Moreover, it doesn’t froth up as much as some of the other pastes. This feature does not mean it doesn’t clean nicely!



The Boka tube is unique in terms of packaging if that is the proper term to describe it. While the tube itself has a traditional shape, the lid sets it apart from the rest. Instead of a circular screw or flip cover, the toothpaste comes with an octagonal cap that allows the product to remain upright when placed on a counter. The Boka Ela Mint variant comes in a mint green shade, while the Coco Ginger is in salmon pink.

The lid is in a screw-type style, so it may not be as convenient as a flip-style cover. Nonetheless, it does look nice. With a colorful strip running across the front of the tube, it appears reasonably minimalist, pulling your eye towards the product information.


Visual Appeal

The paste has a delicate white, almost grey hue when applied to the brush head. It’s a bit opaque but not as bright white as some other toothpaste. You cannot see other bits or crystals in the product, which are pretty standard on other brands.


After-brush Effect

boka toothpaste useIn a single-use, you can notice an instant fresh and clean feeling. This superb mouthfeel lasted for a couple of hours, which is very satisfying. Boka manages to keep any oral stains and plaque at bay without any harmful substances. This product is best used with an electric toothbrush for maximum oral care.


Boka Toothpaste Advantages

Many distinct features distinguish Boka from the larger, more well-known oral care companies. Here are aspects that set them apart from the rest.



Most individuals are unaware that you can find harmful chemicals in everyday dental care products. Fluoride has received much attention in recent years as the best form of defense for our teeth. While there is still no definitive establishment of conclusions, modern scientific investigations have expressed concerns about fluoride as a possible cause of cancer and poor cognitive development.

Boka toothpaste is fluoride-free and does not contain SLS. While many brands are also clear of these ingredients, only a handful contain nano-hydroxyapatite. Anyone who has issues with sensitivity and mouth sores would appreciate this. It won’t sting or burn when in use.


Product Design

The design has a lot of power, from structure and purpose to color and expression and everything else in between. By bringing that additional dash of razzle and dazzle to life, design makes it a tad quite fascinating. For quite a long time, the dentistry industry lacked design input throughout the product development cycle, contributing to the monochromaticity of the groceries and supermarket’s oral care aisle.

Moreover, Boka aims to give a little shine to bathroom sinks and the dentistry industry by using innovative design management strategies and customer participation.



In today’s industry, manufacturers subject a lot of products primarily to trials in animals. Boka products are devoid of artificial flavors such as parabens, gluten, and endocrine disruptors. Therefore, it is generally safe for human consumption, disregarding the need for clinical testing on animals. It is a huge factor that the company is animal-friendly and does not support any forms of cruelty.



Individual components in this product may have distinct advantages and disadvantages. We are not looking at either side of this argument in detail but rather attempt to get a balanced perspective. To the best of our knowledge, they’re all considered suitable and safe for use.


Promotions and Discounts

benefits boka toothpaste reviewIf you’re looking for fluoride-free toothpaste, we would recommend Boka. You can find these products directly on their websites or get them on select retail stores. Currently, the Boka Ela Mint toothpaste and Coco Ginger flavors are available on Amazon and Target. You can also purchase these products along with their electric toothbrush and other dental care items.

If you want to receive a discount on the price as well as frequent delivery to your home, you can do so by signing up on their subscription.


Final Thoughts

In general, good dental health can lead to better overall health. Without getting into all of the science, it’s a straightforward concept that serves as the cornerstone for Boka. While the company continuously improves, it strives hard to emphasize the significance of regulating bacteria in the oral microbiome rather than eliminating all microorganisms.

Non-toxic substances are naturally restorative, and their incorporation in the Boka toothpaste makes it an excellent choice for people seeking unique toothpaste. Although the cost may come at a premium price range, we believe it is justifiable given its superb manufacturing process. It may not yet have the certificate of approval from the American Dental Association. Still, we are hopeful that it will change in the near future.

Will Boka branch out beyond the dental care industry? We certainly hope so. Regardless, every business could use a little more creativity, science-based innovation, glitz and glam, and just about everything Boka has to offer.



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