Choosing Clear Aligners for Teeth Misalignment?

Having a great smile is a good investment not only for your physical appearance but also to your health. Most people want a great smile, but not all individuals are lucky enough to have a beautiful set of teeth. Good thing there is an orthodontic treatment that can help to improve a person’s teeth and oral function. Nowadays, more and more individuals are having success with transparent orthodontic devices called aligners. This clear aligners for teeth are highly sought-after because of its aesthetic looks and a great help. If you are also interested in having clear braces, you can visit to read details for more options.


What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners, also referred to as invisible aligners, are a sort of orthodontic treatment that corrects crooked or misaligned teeth. It is practically a transparent and removable teeth straightening device. Also, clear aligners for teeth are another alternative option to traditional braces designed around comfort and elasticity.

Aligner plates are custom-built for each patient, depending upon the seriousness of teeth misalignment. Clear aligners can treat a wide range of cases, including:

  • Crowded Teeth – It describes when the teeth overlap.
  • Underbites – The case of these teeth is when the lower front teeth cover with the upper.
  • Overbites – It happens when the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth.
  • Diastema – In this condition, there are minor or big spaces between the teeth.
  • Open Bites – Happen when the front upper and lower teeth incline outward and do not touch when the mouth close. This case is an exceptionally uncommon sort of teeth misalignment.
  • Misaligned Baby Teeth – In this condition, clear aligners can be utilized during the first stage of orthodontic treatment to prepare for existing child teeth and creating permanent teeth. Kids ages between 6 and 10-year-old are candidates for these teeth straightening treatment.


How Clear Aligners Work?

Promoting clear aligners

Patients receive a series of clear aligners for teeth all through the straightening treatment process. Multiple aligners used because a single aligner is just capable of moving the teeth slightly. The invisible aligner fabrication process includes:

  1. A Custom Treatment Plan

To begin with, patients visit an orthodontist for a consultation. During the consultation, a dental specialist tests the teeth and takes an accurate digital scan of the mouth. At that point, a custom treatment plan is made after examining the 3D scan.

Patients can able to see a digital preview of their new smile before the aligners are made. Some invisible aligner brands permit patients to mail in molds of their teeth utilizing a “goopy clay” as opposed to visiting an orthodontist or specialist for a consultation.


  1. Aligners Preparation

After teeth impressions made, the custom treatment plan is sent to a digital treatment office. To start with, specialists segment the individual teeth and tidy up any noticeable polluting influences. The patient’s dental curves are scrutinized to guarantee a proper fit. Additionally, the gingiva is included, and the sequence of aligners is organized dependent on the doctor’s directions.

At that point, the digital plan is set online for the specialist to review and affirm. Once approved, the digital models move to a production office, and the aligners are manufactured. The clear aligners for teeth straightening will be sent directly to the doctor and afterwards delivered to the patient.


  1. Aligners Daily Upkeep

Patients get another arrangement of aligners each 1 to 2 weeks. Also, the patient should wear them for around 22 hours out of every day to correct even mild malalignment. Some brand also offers nighttime aligners that only have to wear for 10 hours every day.

Each arrangement of aligners will gradually move the teeth into the right situation, according to individual treatment plans. Treatment can take somewhere from 10 to 24 months, sometimes longer, depending on the patient.


  1. After Treatment

After treatment is complete, a custom clear retainer is produced using a shape of the newly fixed teeth. Retainers must be worn each night while resting to guarantee teeth misalignment or malocclusion does not recur over time.

What are the Tips for Preserving Clear Aligners?

Actual looks of aligners on teeth

As you wear your clear aligners, these teeth straightening devices begin to collect bacteria. In that case, cleaning them is fundamental. Establishing a steady cleaning routine for your mouth and aligners will keep them both in good shape. The following tips can help with maintenance.

  • Brush and Floss Before Wearing Your Clear Aligners– Caring for your clear aligners begins before you even put them in your mouth. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth well before wearing the aligners to eliminate plaque and bacteria, so it will not trap underneath them. You must also remove your aligners before eating food.
  • Wash Well with Cold Water After Removal – After you take away your clear aligners, wash them thoroughly with cold water or lukewarm water. Cleaning your aligners can help to wipe out any food spots that got caught in them and can keep dried saliva from expanding on the plastic. You can also soak them in retainer or denture cleaner.
  • Never Wash with Hot Water – Make sure you never use hot water when you clean your aligners. Hot water can damage and wrap your clear aligners. Clean your aligners with gentle cleanser each day. Do not use toothpaste for cleaning your clear aligners.


Options for teeth straightening: clear aligners vs traditional braces

Patients today have a choice to make when they decide to go through orthodontic treatment, choosing whether clear aligners or traditional braces. Many individuals are unaware that there is another option that can alternate to conventional braces. This alternative is no other than clear aligners. Clear aligners have several advantages compared to traditional braces. Here are the best four reasons why grown-ups prefer clear aligners over traditional braces.

  1. Visibility

The primary reason why grown-up patients pick clear aligners is that they appear invisible. It hides the fact that the patient is going through orthodontic treatment, whichcan be humiliating for certain adults. Clear aligners also help conceal existing gaps, another aesthetic benefit.

Most of the young adult patients also incline toward clear aligners for a similar reason. Nevertheless, some of younger patients still pick traditional braces. It is because they can redo the elastics on the brackets. Usual choices for these are school hues or the colors of their preferred sports team. The ability to customize the look of traditional braces permits youthful patients to express themselves while having teeth straightening device.


  1. Removability

Compared to traditional braces, patients love having the ability to remove their clear aligners when they brush their teeth and eat. It permits them to continue their regular hygiene routine of brushing and flossing. Patients no longer need to keep a rundown of restricted food products that may cause traditional brackets to come loose and require extra orthodontic visits.


  1. Health benefits

Many individuals who have traditional braces think that it is hard to take care of their teeth properly. It is because they had poor oral hygiene to begin. They cannot make adjustments to their cleaning practices while wearing braces.

Frequently, people with braces can generate calcium stores on the facade of their teeth following orthodontic treatment. These stores are noticeable when the braces are removed and require the individual either, to have cosmetic work done or live with white spots on their teeth.

At first, clear aligners used only on simple orthodontic cases, such as slightly crowded teeth. However, it is now being used for even the most advanced orthodontic cases. Clear aligners take away the social stigma of orthodontics. Also, they tend to be more efficient when it comes to individuals’ oral health.


  1. Impressionless scanning

The impressionless scanning is getting more widely used in dentistry. It is one of the reasons why many people choose clear aligners. This device helps more dentists to be more clinically proficient by combining this tool with clear aligners. For that reason, it decreases the time that patients must be in the chair with mouth extenders and putty in their mouth, which is an advantage they genuinely appreciate when they opt for clear aligners.


Clear aligners are an incredible choice to bracket and wire orthodontics. Everybody has various reasons why they need orthodontic treatment. Moreover, clear aligner technology has now advanced to meet these patient needs as a mainstream option for orthodontic treatment.


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