4 Vital Dental Technician Jobs In Dentistry (Roles, Advantages)

Frequently, patients only thank their dentists and doctors for taking care of their teeth’s health. However, many people are unaware that these doctors aren’t responsible for creating dentures, braces, or implants. A dental technician may not be a word you may hear from a local dental office. The reason being, most dental technician jobs are exclusive to dental laboratory work. Several private dental clinics may need professional dental technicians from these laboratories. However, hospitals and medical facilities may have enormous lists of dental technician jobs. You may also be aspiring to get a medical or dental career in the future. Check out these details, which may help you consider becoming a laboratory technician.


What Is A Dental Technician?

Behind the practice of the best doctor for dentistry are the professional staff composed of the hygienists, technicians, assistants, and even the administration team. A clinic that wants to get their best dental appliances must hire a certified dental laboratory technician. These specialists can create prosthetics and orthodontic materials like crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and more. They have a wide range and scope in the field of dentistry for continuing their practice. Most dental technicians may not be visible during the treatment. Yet, they are crucial for the overall improvement of a patient’s oral healthcare problem. 


Specializations In Dental Technician Jobs 

Anyone may apply for a dental technician job as the requirement for careers related to this practice aren’t strict. Nonetheless, the opportunity for employment may have vacancies specific to a dentistry field. Some dental labs are open to the public, whether you are a patient or interested in the dentistry career. Specializations, depending on education and law, may even affect salaries. Know which skilled dental technician works for your teeth treatment.



Dental Technician Jobs Roles Advantages

Most technologists in prosthodontics focus on regaining missing or incomplete teeth. Prosthetics help in the correction of bite for the elderly. Most prosthetics should have materials made of cobalt, acrylic, zirconia, and composite. The job of a prosthodontic technician also incorporates lab availability as part of their daily work. A technician can only resume new prostheses if he or she can compare the patient’s previous appliance and follow the doctor’s recommendation or dentist assistant.


Orthodontic Solution

People may not be able to tell apart the difference of orthodontics from prostheses. However, orthodontic technicians can easily make braces and retainers that allows the alignment of crowded teeth or malocclusion. They can also create complex headgear dental instruments or mouthguards for sports activities and athletes. It is vital that a clinic must have a hygienist that can fit the patient’s sample plaster model for added accuracy in the results. 


Conservation Dentistry

Laboratories and dental companies are hiring conservation technicians for creating bridges and crowns. A technician that works in a lab for this category focuses on using gold, metal, porcelain, and other types of inlays, alloys, and fillings. Conserving your teeth is not an easy way to do. Most of the materials in this category are costly. So, if you, as a reader, are a patient that needs their bridges or implants, you may want to save up on paying for your technician. 


Oral And Maxillofacial Treatment

Oral surgeons are one of the highest salaries for dentistry careers that most students apply for. Together with its average pay of 208 000 USD, a technologist may also seek the same amount. Oral And Maxillofacial technicians work with doctors on hospitals after injuries and burns to reconstruct facial and mandibular damages. Most technicians in this fieldwork closely with a surgeon to check the minute details of the job. Hence, a technician that wants vacancies and employment for this job should get a more extensive training experience.


Requirements To Become A Dental Technician

Chances of getting hired for dental technician jobs are not really slim. However, the credibility of education includes completing a four year course in a baccalaureate program. But, anyone can also become a technician after a two year vocational, community or technical college, or from a dentistry school or university. On the other hand, dental technology specialists are not required to be certified. Most dental technicians are high school graduates or have an equivalency diploma to get started. This requirement is only applicable during the process of creating orthodontics or prosthetics. Additionally, dental technician jobs also need the following skills:


  • High Attention To Detail
  • Time Management
  • Dexterity (Hands, Movement, Steady Grip)
  • Listening And Critical Thinking
  • Social And Interpersonal Skills


Where Should A Dental Technician Apply?

Dental Technician Jobs

A graduate of dental laboratory technology is already a significant achievement. Yet, many fresh technicians may not know where to apply for jobs. It may depend on the technician on which jobs are his or her forte. Again, the job of being at a lab is the most sought after position for a dental technician. On the job training for a laboratory is the initial step towards building a technician career. Moreover, online job search portals like SimplyHired, Glassdoor, and Indeed is probably an excellent place to explore and browse. You may start looking for vacancies or employment opportunity from your local dental laboratory, clinic, or hospital.


Outlook And Future Of Dental Technology

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, the median annual salary of dental technicians is $40,440. Yet, the amount earned by these dentistry professionals may increase. Also, dental technology and the hourly cost of payment for these members may also increase in demand. More quality materials are demanded this 2020 as a dentist who is open for innovation may apply technology for his or her practice. On that note, many dental careers are also reanalyzed for further requirements related to the job. As dentistry is evolving into the technological aspect, a person who wants to purse to apply for this job must prepare for the necessary adjustments.

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