Emergency tooth repair – When to Adopt and Options Available

Just like any other emergency, an emergency tooth repair is a situation when immediate medical attention is required. It may occur due to an accident, a blow to the jaw or simply while eating. The emergency may involve a cut or slash to the gum leading to bleeding, tooth fracture or just a chipped tooth. Whichever that may be, an emergency dentist can help.

When do you need an emergency tooth repair?

As a thumb rule, just remember that if it’s painful, it’s an emergency. However, sometimes even when there’s no or very little pain, it could be a dental emergency. If a chipped tooth is left unattended for a long time, it could cause further damage even leading to tooth loss. So, when you’re unsure, you must consult a dentist as soon as possible.

What Can a Dentist Do?

There are many options for carrying out an emergency tooth repair. It all depends on the state of the problem and the likely damage that it can cause. The dentist will recommend a treatment based on his reading of the situation. Some of the most common emergency tooth repairs may include :

  • Re-contouring.

This is generally adopted when a small piece of the tooth has just got chipped and the tooth is intact.

  • Crowning. emergency tooth repair

If the tooth has got fractured, a dental crown is a good choice. Especially if the tooth has been weakened due to decay, the crown provides stability to the original tooth. Made from porcelain, resin or metal, the crown is fitted on the entire tooth after removing the decay. Sometimes, if the tooth is completely damaged, there may be a requirement to anchor the crown with a pin through the root of the tooth.

  • ┬áBonding or Filling.

If the tooth has been chipped to such an extent that re-contouring won’t be successful, but crowning is felt to be an overkill, this process is utilized. A composite material is filled to make up the lost piece and then hardened using UV light before shaping it with tools. It’s one of the most affordable options of emergency tooth repair

  • Root Canal Treatment.

Commonly known as RCT, it’s used when the tooth has got fractured due to an unattended infection. The process involves making the tooth hollow by removing its pulp, while keeping the roots intact. After this the tooth is sealed to avoid bacteria from entering and then filling and crowning are done to make a dummy tooth that’s embedded into the original tooth’s roots.

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