What To Do With A Failed Dental Implant

Dental implants are a wonderful dental technology, helping bring back that great smile one person at a time. However, our body may not fully adapt to the change and may cause allergies, further bone loss, or even an infection. Dental Implant failures are unexpected results that both patients and dental surgeons try to avoid most of the time. In case of emergency situations like this, it is better to consult your dentist immediately to prevent further complications. Failed dental implant removal is usually advised by your oral surgeon in case the implant was confirmed to be dangerous. More of the procedure is explained at www.daptodentists.com.au/dental-implant-procedure for your supplementary information.


Why Do Dental Implants Fail?

Having a stable dental implant is the desired end result of dentists with their procedure in fixing the visible oral problem of the patient. In some cases, there might be two results of dental implant failure. An early failed dental implant that occurs within the first few months of the surgery happens when the bone and gums have not formed properly around the implant. This indicates that there is a healing process that failed when the surgery was done. Often times, your autoimmune system might fallback to an autoimmune disease due to the foreign object placed. For the other classification, late failed dental implants happen when there are constant unhealthy habits that a person does. Habits such as inconsistent oral hygiene are the most common problem for late detection of the dental implant. It is equally important to maintain both your natural teeth and your dental implant care during and after the recovery stage.

Further cases for late dental implant failure point out to “peri-implantitis” where even if the tooth is already firm, it becomes loose due to bacteria buildup. Unfortunately, if a dental implant failure happens, it is always advised to have dental implants removed. Ask your dental surgeon about the possibilities of avoiding this situation and follow the instructions accordingly.

Are Failed Dental Implants Replaceable?

failed dental implant

If you are worried about the chances of getting dental implants changed, then you may worry less because in some cases, dental implants are replaceable. At the same time, dental implants in this situation should need to be removed instead to eliminate any other possible risks. Doctors will usually require you to keep the tooth together with the titanium metal if ever it fell out already. They can try to re-graft the tooth from the same one or replace it with new material.

It Requires Your Immediate Attention

Further neglect in treating the problem may lead to an increased risk of huge dental problems such as infections, bleeding disorders, as well as major oral diseases. Be sure to take out your dental implants and not try to put it back again on your own. Have your oral surgeon check all the symptoms and give all the information needed such as the time it happened and if there are any bleeding symptoms. Sadly, unexpected accidents such as this may happen but it is resolvable and can be fixed by your trusted oral surgeon.

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