Gum Disease Facts

Picture this; someone suffered discrimination from people as a result of bad breath. This person was accused and referred as dirty and irresponsible, who barely brushes his teeth. Little did we know, he was suffering from gum disease that he had inherited from his parents. This is one of the sad gum disease facts. The disease can be genetically inherited and the its impacts like teeth loss can be agonizing. Thankfully, dental implants can restore teeth loss. But before considering it, you might wanna check on the cost of getting tooth implants. Meanwhile, discussed below are some more gum disease facts that we need to be aware of.

What is Gum Disease?

It is an infection, more often than not, brought by bacteria secreted toxins, that causes inflammation and irritation of the gum tissues and destruction of the bones that hold the teeth together.

Types of Gum Diseases

1. Gingivitis

This is a mild type of gum disease that is characterized by poor breath, swelling, redding and bleeding of the gums. The disease is caused by accumulate of bacteria or food underneath the gum lining.

2. Periodontitis

This is an advanced stage of gingivitis. This disease occurs when bacteria toxins accumulate and grow into plague and spread underneath the gum, causing swelling and irritation of the gum tissues and destruction of the teeth jaws. The gums also separate forming deep infectious spaces between the gums and teeth.This disease causes swelling and bleeding of the gums. It also weakens the teeth. gum disease facts

Gum diseases are caused by;

  • Poor oral hygiene – Failure to clean the teeth and gums regularly, allows accumulation of food particles and bacteria which grow into harmful plaque that irritates and infect the gums.
  • Smoking – Smoking is harmful as it destroys and kills the gum tissue cells, making the gum prone to diseases.
  • Hormones – Increase and decrease of Hormones in the body, especially in women during pregnancy or menstruation cycle, triggers excess flow of blood towards the gums making them sensitive and prone to irritation.

Gum Disease Treatment

Fortunately, gum diseases has effective home remedies like tea tree oil, sea salt and lemons among others. These are strong antioxidants, antiseptic and anti inflammatory substances that help to fight bacteria, ease inflammation, bleeding and soothing of the irritated gums.

Gum massage is also an effective therapy to gum diseases,as it helps to reduce pain and enhance blood flow towards the irritated gums that sooth and quicken its healing process.

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