How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last? (Tips For Veneer Care)

If you don’t feel confident about smiling, you may want to look into porcelain veneers to restore your teeth. Several adults have lasting healthy teeth since they brush, floss, and rinse their mouth regularly. However, dental health awareness also involves knowing dental specializations that help improve the beauty of teeth further. You should visit your dentist to check how long do porcelain veneers last. Patients can save on the expensive costs by knowing the best procedures in restorative dentistry. Here are facts that every individual can take advantage of before proceeding with porcelain veneers on your next appointment.


Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Oral Healthcare

Many people are hooked on improving how they look like. From head to toe, you can expect anyone to ask for cosmetic or plastic surgery. Advancements in dentistry aren’t far behind. 

People that have knocked-out teeth or missing teeth can trust a treatment for their problems. Some of these issues, such as cavities, gingivitis, and other forms of periodontal diseases, spread quickly. Moreover, infection in tooth roots, also called dental abscess, becomes the breeding ground for cancer. 

Why is cosmetic dentistry so popular for both men and women? Apart from the natural stylishly looking teeth, you can expect procedures like veneers, implants, and clear aligners as an answer to your damaged oral health.


What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Porcelain Veneers?

You can correct imperfections by doing preventative care for your teeth. Yet, people may naturally have yellow or stained teeth due to genetics. Veneers are popular as it is easy, fast, and maintains natural-looking pearly smile with a longer lifespan. Discover the benefits of wearing porcelain veneers and how your hygiene habits can impact your overall well-being. 


For Stained Or Yellow Teeth Surface

How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last

Teeth whitening is one of the significant problems that an adult patient can develop over the years. Acids, when breaking down food, can stick on the teeth’s surface, making it yellow or stained. If you want to cover this unpleasant view, you may treat the stains with veneers.

Veneers try to mimic the natural color of enamel customized for every person’s tooth size. 


Fix Cracked Or Chipped Tooth

Are you worried about the cracks and chips on your tooth? You should get services soon to prevent further bacterial infection. Your general dentist can examine your condition with an X-ray exam to check which tooth needs veneers. 

For further tooth restoration, you may also need to get additional procedures such as tooth extraction, root canal therapy, or gum surgery. 


Easy To Maintain And Care For

Since veneers are already placed in front of your teeth, you can still brush the area carefully. Ensure that your soft toothbrush bristles aren’t abrasive, and clean your teeth carefully with the right toothpaste. Don’t forget to floss regularly and rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free rinse.


More Durable For Its Price

Compared to tooth bonding, which only lasts for two years or less, porcelain veneers should last up to 10 years if a patient knows how to care for them. However, the materials of the veneers itself can vary from resin composite or porcelain. You may speak to your dentist to know which type can last longer to benefit your procedures. 


How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

Do you want to schedule an appointment with your oral care expert for veneers? It may be better to realize what the factors that contribute to how long do porcelain veneers last are. You may ask more questions from your dentist to avail of this high-quality dental treatment.


Average Cost Of Porcelain Veneers 

How long do porcelain veneers last? Before answering this question, the cost of veneer material can increase or decrease the year that your veneer lasts. Veneers can become expensive, as per tooth can cost $1000 to $3000 depending on your tooth’s condition.

So, to make your porcelain or composite veneers stay healthy, follow your dentist’s instructions. 


Veneer Materials

It is common for a dentist to suggest porcelain veneers as the best option to cover yellow teeth. Contrary to porcelain veneers, composite veneers are cheaper and made of plastic. Moreover, you can also look into alternatives depending on what you need.


Research Studies Have Different Results 

At a 95% survival rate, most general veneers last until ten years. But, people who have better dental care can make the porcelain veneer last up to 15-16 years. Veneers of the 1980s may also be different from those made in 2020. 


How Can I Make Porcelain Veneers Last Longer?

Significantly, porcelain veneers can still crack and chip like what a normal tooth does. So, if you want to make veneers last more than weeks or months, here are a few suggestions that experts say. 


  • Lessen Using Your Teeth As A Cutting Machine

It is unhealthy to use your incisors and molars to open bottles. An easy way to dislocate your bones from unhealthy habits can also lead to severe abscess. Protect your teeth by avoiding this procedure. 


  • Regular Dental Hygiene 

How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last Maintain

At a young age, you may remember how important it is to brush your teeth every day. Dental habits are not just to discipline children. There are many repercussions of unmanaged oral healthcare.

Choosing to skip your nightly hygiene routine may increase your chances of getting periodontitis. Maintain your brushing and flossing every day to get rid of dental diseases.


  • Choose Your Food And Maintain A Diet Plan

Dentistry experts say that it is challenging to undo veneers. The results of eating colorful fruits, drinking coffee, alcohol, and wine, as well as tobacco smoking, can damage your dental health further. Exceptionally, porcelain veneers may not be as resistant as other oral care services from your dental clinic.

If you want to manage how long your porcelain veneers will last, choose the right diet plan. 

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