New Dental Technology

The old dentist producers are fading away with the introduction of new dental technology. For instance, it is considered obsolete to find a dentist using the drills, visiting the dentist for several times because of a broken piece of teeth left in the gums among other outdated techniques. Take a look at how the latest technology for cosmetic health treatments in dentistry has advanced in recent decades.

Laser Dentistry

It involves the use of a safe and powerful laser; hence, no drills are used; thus, no pain is included in the procedure. It also means that there is no need for anesthesia. Since no multiple systems are required such as pain-relieving, laser dentistry is very efficient, thus saving time. It means that many patients can be attended on the same visit without postponing them to the following day. Laser dentistry is also applicable to diagnosing disease causes and symptoms, such as cavity checking. The only issues with this technology are that it is an expensive technology requiring the dentist to train about it.

Digital X-Ray Machines

new dental technologyUnlike the traditional radiogram dental X-rays, modern dental X-rays operate in a machine in a similar way to the contemporary digital, camera. Images are visually improved before downloading to the computer for processing. The ease of taking dental pictures and more accurate ones have improved the quality of dental services and reducing the cost of dental treatment. Modern dental X-rays are safer since the amount of the dose received is significantly lower as compared to radiogram.

New Gum Procedures

Good dental health involves having healthy gums. Gums covers the sensitive tooth parts and protecting them from attacking by bacteria. Reversing gum damage is now possible with the modern gum procedures, unlike in the past when nothing could be done. Tissue and bone grafts are viable with advanced technology, unlike in the past, when the only option to correct gum pockets was only through surgery. Unique proteins that cause regrowth of gum are available so gum pockets is no longer a worrying issue with new dental technology.

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