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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is A Guest Post?

Are you having trouble expanding your website engagement? We’ve all been there. Guest posting is a great strategy that can help you communicate to a broader audience and improve your client reach. Most top-notch websites allow guest post submissions which provide other content creators the opportunity to share their expertise.


Why Is A Guest Post Important for Your Business?

Guest post submissions can offer a number of benefits for your business. By imparting knowledge to our readers, you can establish your credibility and increase awareness within our community. This strategy helps build connections and grow across different areas in our industry.

It might sound too good to be true, but guest posting is an essential marketing strategy, especially with today’s technology and innovative practices. We cannot underestimate the value of guest posting as it can help you take a step closer towards achieving your business goals.


Dr. Gibberman is Accepting Medical and Health Guest Posts

That’s right; you can get to be at the forefront of our readers and impart new insights and ideas across our community. Here at Dr. Gibberman, we know the importance of delivering fresh content and perspectives to our readers. That’s why we encourage our peers to join our growing family. We are proud to help amplify voices by publishing your medical and health guest post on our website.


Why Choose Dr. Gibberman?

You can get the most out of your guest post submissions on our website. We are sure to provide you with the best experience and gain more from our highly-competitive market. We will be glad to be your partner on your journey towards reaching your target market. If these facts still do not convince you, allow us to discuss how we set our edge among our competitors.

  • Medical and Health Relevancy. Whether you are passionate about dental care, medical services, cosmetic clinics, or any health-related concepts, we can ensure that your post will align with our readers’ interests. Our medical niche allows us to present any subject that is relevant to the field of medical care. Therefore, you can entirely rely on us to gain an audience that will engage and listen to your topic of choice.
  • High Domain Authority. Our website is one of the most trusted resources for health advice and information. Try to do some quick research, and you will find out how we rank among other websites. We make sure to generate flawless content and quality articles to remain on top.
  • Readers’ Trust. With lots of spam sites across the web, we understand how it can be challenging to maintain your readers’ trust. Our community’s intangible bond allows us to establish and maintain high rankings in most aspects, from our site updates, traffic, and popularity.
  • Keyword search optimisation, content creation, advertising, whatever your goal may be, we are sure to provide you professional quality services that will help establish your business and reach your goals.


What’s in It for You?



Your medical and health guest post will give you the positive image that you need. Dr. Gibberman is a great platform where you can showcase your expertise and build your client base. Exposure can attract traffic back to your website and boost your authority over high-ranking domains.

When you get a boost on your website traffic, your webpages will improve and perform better. In return, you can increase your content’s value, which places you on the top search results.



We have multiple platforms that can assist in promoting your guest post. When you write for us, you give something back to our writing community. You can boost your reputation as our platforms will help promote your article and increase its appearance in various search queries.

In determining your rankings, search engines will consider the quality and number of links that point back to your website. These connections are what they call ad backlinks. Submitting a guest post opens an avenue that helps you obtain natural backlinks, improving your website’s discoverability.



Submitting a guest post can improve your presence across different channels. Dr. Gibberman has a diverse set of readers that will surely recognise your voice and learn more about what you or your business have to offer. You can build connections and earn consumer loyalty even in just a single guest post.

Getting a credible source to showcase your strengths will contribute to the overall impression and increase the chances of impacting the readers. The first impression counts, so we are here to help you produce high-quality content that will place your best foot forward.

Who Are Our Audience?

Our readers at Dr. Gibberman come from various industries. In general, we can reach most people who take an interest in medical facts, dental information, and other health-related insights. Our community also caters to dental practitioners, healthcare professionals, and those in the related field.


What Should I Write in My Guest Post?

Before you submit your guest post, it is essential to keep in mind the following information that our editors are looking for:


Article Relevancy.

As much as we want to publish your content freely, it is a part of our job to maintain a well-structured website. To ensure that we can provide you with a good platform, we try our best to post only high-quality contents that fit our current niche. Our website is all about medical-related information. Thus, feel free to share your insights and experiences that cover our topics.

We also encourage guest post submissions to satisfy most of our metrics before publishing them on our website. Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions, and we will provide you with the necessary keywords, word count, and other details that can help boost your article.


Content Originality.

Simply put, your post must be an original article. We would not publish articles that you already wrote on other websites. We consider these types of work to be a plagiarised content that will affect the quality of your post and negate our reader’s trust.

Remember that our community will always love original, unique, fresh, and authentic, and that is the kind of content we are looking for.


Well-written Posts.

Our community reaches thousands of people across the globe, which is why it is crucial to publish content that has concise and understandable information. It would be nice to have a guest post free from any grammatical errors and misspellings while remaining true to the topic.

People check out our website because they trust the information that we provide. It is essential to publish articles that our readers will get a maximum value of. Consider writing a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand topic with a touch of exciting facts that are applicable and valuable in today’s situation.


Citations and Links.

If you would like to add relevant links to your guest post, please let us know about it. We will also appreciate photos and embeddable videos necessary to make your content pleasing to the eye.



Please do not forget to include a short bio to cite your information on the guest post properly. If you would like, you can also incorporate brief details about your profession and expertise.


Are There Any Tips in Writing A Guest Post?

There are many guest posting strategies that you can take note of, each having its benefits. To help you refine and improve your guest post’s quality, we are listing down some of the best techniques to prepare you for the real deal.


Determine your goals.

Before you take the plunge towards the guest posting, it is essential to have a strategy at hand. Prepare simple outlines that highlight your goals and work your way towards reaching these objectives. Here are some sample goals that you can point out:

  • Improve your website visibility.
  • Increase customer awareness.
  • Introduce your services and brands.
  • Boost your SEO rankings.
  • Increase your website traffic.
  • Reach new audiences and expand client reach.


Identify your audience.

Your guest post opportunities rely on your target audience. Find sites that interest your prospects and discover what topics they care about. If your brand or service focuses on healthcare, find websites such as Dr. Gibberman to help attract more audiences who take an interest in the field.


Develop unique content ideas.

Content that fits well with your topic improves your chances of getting positive feedback from your partner’s website. Try to brainstorm for some unique and current subjects that would entice the audience. If you are not sure of your choice of subject’s standings, you can reach out to your guest post provider and pitch your ideas to know their insights.


Submit an article worth publishing.

After a successful pitch, you can now begin writing your post. Ask your partner website for the specific guest posting instructions and necessary standards to follow. Creating a good article increases your relationship with your publisher and makes it more likely to work with you again in the future. Also, avoid making articles that are too promotional, offensive, and contains inaccurate information.


Follow-up and track your posting.

Once you complete your submission, it is necessary to do some follow-up after the post gets published. You can also ask your partner website to track your post’s engagement and other relevant metrics. With these data, you can identify which part of your post helped you reach your goals and which did not.


How Do I Get Started?

Are you ready to write with us? Great choice! We openly welcome partners to help us bring new medical-related information to our dear readers.

Please feel free to send us your messages through admin@drgibberman.com. Our experts will reach out and talk you through the processes and necessary information regarding guest post writing.