Tooth extraction after root canal failed

A root canal failure can be a horrible experience to go through. Proper root canal treatment may fail for some reasons that are beyond the control of the dentist. A tooth extraction after root canal failed is the only option your dentist has to make sure the infected tooth will no longer cause any problems to your mouth. Infections can easily spread to these areas causing severe pain in the tooth. After the tooth extraction, your dentist may discuss with you about the cost of dental implants or dentures as a replacement solution.

Root canal treatment is only performed on damaged or severely decayed teeth. This procedure is the last resort done before the tooth extraction becomes necessary. A patient certainly experiences light bleeding, swelling, and pain following the root canal treatment once the anesthesia passes. After any oral surgery, side effects are completely normal to the majority of the patients.

The following are root canal treatment complications resulting from a root canal failure:In need of tooth extraction after root canal failed

• Swelling of the gum around the affected area.

• Severe pain in the surrounding area.

• Sharp bitterness after the tooth canal procedure.

• Pain even with normal biting, brushing or drinking.

Extraction is the most often preferred procedure in case of blockage that prevents access to the canal. Similarly, it’s adopted if the initial procedure involves a post and crown restoration.Root canal process includes the creation of a sharp flap in the gum allowing access to the root. The infected part of the root may be partially or completely removed and a new seal is placed.

Apart from tooth extraction after root canal has failed, other treatment options include retreatment and apicoectomy. Perhaps it’s recommended that you contact your endodontist once you realize that you’re experiencing a failed root canal. An endodontist is more specialized than a general dentist so he would provide better solution to your problem.

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