How Do You Treat Tooth Pain When Biting Down?

It can be frustrating for people enjoying their food when suddenly they clench their jaw from sharp tooth pain. The worst case is that your tooth breaks or have cracks. You may want to postpone your meal and visit a dental specialist right away. For patients that want to fill the cracked or chipped tooth, schedule a root canal therapy with an endodontist right away. Are you anxious about getting a filling? Visit for more information on how to prepare for your next session. On the other hand, let’s take a look at how you can treat tooth pain when biting down with these facts. 


What Causes Tooth Pain?

Apart from injuries or accidents, tooth pain can come from various reasons. Biting down hard food can cause broken teeth, as well as chewing pencils or ice cubes. If you have that tendency to bite with pressure, it may be best to stop this unhealthy gesture. Also, you need to be aware of bacteria from surfaces that you bite on. If you want to know more about your dental health, schedule an appointment with your local dental clinic today. 


Tooth Decay

Cavities and gum disease can cause tooth decay where dentin and enamel are worn out. If you postpone having a cleaning treatment with your general dentist, you can expect to experience more tooth pain when biting down. Make sure that you avoid food that promotes tooth decay when you bite on sugary confections. Sometimes, it’s the habits that we do to make our lifestyle better.  


Dental Abscess

Tooth Pain When Biting Down Causes

What is an abscess? A dental abscess occurs when bacteria starts to attack the roots of the tooth. It can form pus from a bacterial infection, which makes biting down very painful. According to dentists, the abscess has three spots to grow, gingival, periapical, and periodontal. For gingival, it starts on the gum tissue but doesn’t affect the periodontal ligament or tooth. Periapical is the most common abscess, and it can affect the root and pulp. Lastly, a periodontal abscess can grow in the jawbone or supporting bone inside the teeth and gums. 


Infected Gums

Gingivitis or inflammation in the gums may also show symptoms when cavities on a crack spread. Severe infection causes can cause teeth grinding, which may also lead to temporomandibular joint disease or TMJD. If you feel pain or pressure symptoms when you open your mouth to bite on food, start checking for redness, swelling, or bumps. 


Wisdom Teeth Erupting

Apart from diseases that disrupt people from eating food and drinking, teens and young adults may have erupting wisdom teeth that cause toothaches or sensitive teeth. Usually, this last molar may hurt when you chew too hot or soft food. So, to prevent pain and pressure when you bite, check if your wisdom tooth needs an extraction.  


Gum Recession

Roots in your teeth that are exposed may not directly cause your tooth pain. But, gum recession can make teeth sensitive quickly. Root canal therapy with a filling may not be enough to seal the cracks with gums that are too high from the periodontal gum line. A patient may ask their oral care provider for a better way to relieve sharp pain when biting down. 


Is It Risky To Have Continuous Toothaches?

Dental services can add another layer of protection to your health. It is not just to make your teeth clean, but to stop diseases from destroying your wellness. For example, if you’re sleeping at night, you may not notice your teeth grinding due to stress, growing impacted wisdom teeth, or cavities. Dental experts also say that continuous pressure from tooth pain can damage other organs. 


Treatments To Relieve Tooth Pain When Biting Down

Dental Deep Cleaning

Tooth Pain When Biting Down

Necessary surface cleaning can remove dirt or substances that stick in teeth. But, hardened plaque, like tartar or calculus in the gum line, is not easy to clean. A dentist can offer services as a deep cleaning for cavities and tartar that weren’t managed for months or even years. Root scaling and planing also focus on removing plaque while taking care of the nerve that hurts from sensitivity. 


Root Canal Therapy

Commonly, root canal therapy is the first suggestion that your general dentist will say after getting a checkup. Root canal therapy can seal bacteria and prevent the infection from spreading. Tooth pain when biting, chewing, or even opening your mouth will occur less frequently. However, to ensure that your healing is successful, follow your dentist’s instructions. A loose temporary or permanent crown is the last thing you want to experience. 




Periodontal experts can also treat your soft tissue from experiencing further pain from inflammation. On the other hand, if trauma from an accident was the diagnosis of your sensitivity, you may need to receive either gum rejuvenation or surgery. It would be best if you asked for an examination from a clinic to see the results on your X-ray regarding your crown or cracked teeth. 


Health Care Tips To Reduce Pain When You Bite With Pressure

Everybody wants to enjoy the time of eating and drinking with no problems in their dental health. To make it easier for people with a bridge, denture, or braces, follow these tips for a pain-free bite.  


  • Check if your crown is in place after root canal treatment

Tooth Pain When Biting Down Treat

It’s not wrong to check things twice before you leave a dental clinic. You can also save your time and money from having another retreatment. Again, ask many questions to your dentist regarding cracks and the possibility of missing a canal.


  • Do you have allergies or nasal congestion?

Other causes of dental problems don’t come from the mouth itself. Nasal congestion, according to doctors, may have a side effect on your roots and nerves. 


  • It’s not bad to drink OTC pain relievers

When the toothache is throbbing and needs immediate attention, you may also drink NSAIDs or anti-inflammatory drugs for pain relief. At this point, we suggest that you also ask prescription medicine from a doctor of dental medicine for proper treatment. 

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