When to use Veneers or Lumineers for Dental Care.

When considering veneers or lumineers for dental care, you must work with professionals since there is a very thin line between the two. Both the procedures will work to conceal all the imperfection on the dental care and give a perfect look to the outside world.

Dentist must analyze the teeth condition before they can settle on the right procedure to use depending on the expected outcome. Even through both the procedures are simple, they have great ways to restores smiles by eliminating any possible flaws that may affect the teeth appearance. Some of the common flaws that are commonly reported and can be dressed perfectly through either of the processes include:

  •  Chips. veneers or lumineers
  • Stains.
  • Cracks.
  • Teeth crookedness

The details of lumineers makes it very specific to certain processes around the dental care. It’s very easy to find the differences when comparing lumineers to the tradition veneers. The main different when comparing the two comes when looking at the time need for the tooth preparation required before they are implemented.

Veneers vs lumineers.

When you visit a cosmetic dentist near you, they will recommend on the correct step to use that will make sure you get the best restoration. The use of veneers seems to take more time since the procedure requires the removal of the enamel thin layer that covers the teeth before veneers is used perfectly. To enable the balancing of the teeth, the amount of the enamel removed should be the same thickness as the set veneers to be used. In most cases the sizes of the enamel that is removed is approximated to be half a millimeter.

On the other hand, the preparation process of the lumineers can be shorter or no preparation needed for the teeth before the process is used. Following the ultra-thin nature of lumineers, they seem excellent when used on the teeth and they can simply be bounded into the right place. Veneers offers more freedom since it can be made from both composite resin and porcelain while lumineers is more restricting since it can only be made from porcelain.

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