What age do wisdom teeth come in

Wisdom teeth are, without a doubt, the strangest and most troublesome teeth in the entirety of the human body. Thousands of years ago, wisdom teeth helped our ancestors chew their unprocessed, raw food. Over the years, however, human skulls kept getting smaller. The widespread use of agriculture and, more recently, the industrial revolution supplied us with softer, more easily digestible foods. So, nowadays, wisdom teeth are almost entirely obsolete. Read more about wisdom teeth in this article.

But just because we have no use for them doesn’t make wisdom teeth magically disappear. The human body will still keep growing them, much to our inconvenience. Since our skulls have shrunk, these troublesome molars often grow in unusual shapes, they erupt at weird angles and in many cases, and they fail to erupt at all.

A lot of people are wondering what age do wisdom teeth come in. There’s no straight answer to this question. Typically, people will get their set of wisdom teeth at around the ages of 17 to 21. It isn’t unusual for some people to get theirs as early as 15 years old. Additionally, one particular study has shown that only 53% of people have had only one of their wisdom teeth come out.

wisdom teethMuch of this is dependent on your genetics. Men are more likely than women to have their wisdom teeth erupt, whereas black people tend to have theirs come in earlier than people of other races. Recent studies have also tried to document the agenesis phenomenon that some populations exhibit when it comes to their wisdom teeth. In certain countries, it is believed that upwards to approximately 25% of the population never grows these specific molars.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t among the lucky individuals who will never have to worry about their wisdom teeth. It’s a good idea, therefore, for young adults to visit their dentist and get their wisdom teeth evaluated. Early surgical intervention may be required to keep the problems to a minimum.

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