General Dentistry Has Come A Long Way

In the past, dentistry meant the referral of procedures such as implants and veneers to a specialist, but more and more dentists will be able to offer these treatments (and others) daily in their own offices. Patients enjoy the convenience of having all their dental needs treated in one office of a regular general practitioner dentist.

When patients work with their dentist in Preston, VIC at Chic Dental to create a treatment plan for decayed or missing teeth, there are far more options than before. This is also due to the fact that procedures such as dental implants are costly. All dentists can be easily trained in dental implantology and are now able to offer more advanced therapies in a general environment. Products such as the mini-implants are becoming more common and require only one appointment for placement. Dentists use these types of treatments to give patients an option other than large bridges or dentures.

Dentists also bridge orthodontic therapy as products like Invisalign guide them through the entire process. All alignment trays are manufactured at the Invisalign headquarters outside the company, and the Pearl Dental Care dentist in St Marys monitors the patient during treatment. With more and more adults opting for orthodontic therapy, the appeal of Invisalign over traditional braces means that they can be treated without being referred to an orthodontist and sitting in an office designed for children.

The old silver fillings that you had as a child are not that common either. More dentists are choosing aesthetic options such as resin or composite fillings. These tooth-colored fillings require less tooth preparation and are by far not so noticeable when talking, smiling or laughing.

General DentistrySpeaking of restorations, crowns that were once made of gold or metal-fused porcelain (and the metal was still on display) now have a newer counterpart that dentists can access every day. The CEREC in Office Crown System allows dentists to prepare a tooth and deliver the crown on the same date. It’s also interesting that these crowns are made entirely of synthetic resin so that patients never have to worry about metal processes.

Let’s not forget the normal technology. Other offices are paperless and allow their patients to complete their paperwork online in advance. Even appointment reminders can be sent via SMS systems. General dentistry becomes more efficient and covers a wider range of services than ever before. If you choose a dentist, choose a dentist who will provide comprehensive care to your entire family.

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