Are you having tooth pain after cavity filling?

Are you having tooth pain after cavity filling? Well, this isn’t a rare problem. Dentists from a dental centre near Strathfield say that there are various reasons why some patients end up feeling so. In some cases, this type of discomfort is caused when the nerves react to the filling process. Note that this process is designed to replace the decayed section of a tooth, thereby reducing pain that’s caused by the cavity.


Common causes for pain after filling:

•Wrong Filling Position: When the filling isn’t positioned correctly, the patient will end up feeling pain. In case it’s placed too high, it will cause a malocclusion, a condition that prevents all the teeth from properly fitting together. The change in bite makes it hard for you to close your mouth because of the extra pressure that will be exerted on the affected tooth.
•Tooth Sensitivity: Some filling materials can cause dental sensitivity. The composite resin of the material may slightly shrink, causing a gap beneath the cavity that results in pain.
•Allergic Reaction: The material used in dental filling can result inexperiencing tooth pain after cavity filling an allergic reaction that may cause itching or rashes on the surrounding areas. Some people are allergic to materials such as silver hence it’s important to discuss this with your doctor before the procedure. In case of this, contact your dentist so that that re-filling can be done with a different material.
•Referred Pain: After a dental filling, the teeth which surround the affected tooth may end up getting painful. This phenomenon is known as referred pain where you end up with pain in another area far or close to the source.

You can reduce the possibility of experiencing pain after filling by avoiding foods or drinks that are very cold and extremely hot. Additionally, use toothpaste that has been specifically designed for people with sensitive teeth. In case the pain doesn’t go away after a few days, then contact your dentist.

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