An Overview Of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with restoration of damaged teeth.  If your teeth have been damaged by various reasons such as accidents, infection or age, the DentistBellaVista team have restorative treatments available and these include the replacement of teeth with implants, fixed bridges, bonded bridges or removable partial dentures.

Here are some futher informantion on various restorative treatments

  • Dental whitening procedures
    Teeth whitening, as the name implies, is designed to whiten your teeth. Regardless of the cause of the discoloration, teeth whitening procedures are very effective in restoring teeth color.
  • Dental implants
    Dental implants are another common procedure. That is used to replace missing teeth. These implants are normally made from titanium. Titanium is very stable due to the phenomenon of Osseointegration. There are other types of dental implants, but they are not common.
  • Veneers and Lumineers
    They are normally made of porcelain. They are thin slices of porcelain that are anchored to the teeth to improve appearance. Other restorative actions include arches, Invisalign, crowns, and bridges. restorative dentistry

There are things to consider before consulting a restorative practitioner. One is the cost of the procedure itself. Most dentists can perform some dental procedures, including filling or basic treatment for periodontal disease. Since most dental insurance does not cover restorative dentistry, the cost can be high, especially if the dentist is a registered specialist. Private insurance may cover the procedure but in certain cases, it may not. One must first consult before proceeding with treatment.

Another thing to consider is the age factor. Some people, especially older people, may be at risk, especially if it involves implants. For most patients who have missing teeth or have other health problems, then artificial teeth are the best choices instead of getting implants. Dentures can be complete or partial and can be easily removed by the patient. This replaces lost teeth without any surgical procedure and is a safer option for people with health problems.

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