All You Need to Know: Before And After Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can help your breasts appear younger fuller and even more proportionate than ever before. It can appear to be a simple thing to do. However, you need to pay more attention to what you should consider before and after breast implants so that you can make a proper decision. Visit to learn more about breast augmentation.

Before breast augmentation

The type of implant augmentation

before and after breast augmentationYour appearance before and after breast augmentation will depend on the type of implant that you choose. Your preference of the two will depend upon the breast texture, proportion of your body to your breasts, posture, skin elasticity and the shape of your breasts.

How is this important? Studies have shown that those women who have overly large implants than their body undergo spinal and shoulder problems in the future.

Choosing an experienced doctor

If you are planning to breastfeed, you need a specialized surgeon who will guide you on where the incisions will be located; a specialist will have the incisions either near the armpit (axilla) or under the breast.

And since implants are not for a lifetime, choosing an experienced doctor will inform you about the whole breast augmentation process- and if in case you will be required to have further surgery in the future then knowing it is essential.

Avoid tobacco use

Before breast augmentation, it is advisable by the Dr Breast Augmentation Sydney surgeon that you don’t use tobacco two weeks to the day. Nicotine in tobacco can constrict your blood vessels which can restrict blood supply during surgery plus, carbon oxide in smoke can inhibit oxygenated blood which can put you at greater risk.

After breast augmentation

Results won’t be immediate

You should be expecting some fuller and more proportionate breasts after surgery. Your dreams are valid though, but you need to be a little bit more patient. After any surgery, the swelling will occur, and it might take some few weeks before your breasts come to the desired size.

Expect to have additional surgery

Implants are great and make you look appealing; however, they cannot last a lifetime. You may need additional surgery after some time to replace implants which is the reason you need to ask your doctor or surgeon of any visits that you may need to make for follow-ups.

An important point though, breast augmentation may not turn around sagging breasts. And by the way, they can still look great when you wear the right bra!

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