Dental implant surgery pain

Most people who want dental implants are usually worried about the pain involved and how long it last after the surgery. Yes, there will be pain. Pain is a part of life anyway. However, how long it will last or its intensity varies. During the dental surgery, it’s pretty obvious you won’t feel any pain since you will be given anesthesia. However, with time, the numbness after the surgery will wear off, and you will probably feel some discomfort.

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dental implant surgery painThe intensity of the pain after the procedure depends on the complexity of the surgery. If the procedure was longer, definitely there will be more pain afterward. Now it is difficult to determine how long the pain will last. Every patient is different from the next. Normally, you can feel and discomfort for up to 10 days. Luckily, your dentist is going to prescribe a medication to help with the pain.

Dental implant surgery pain is inevitable. It should only take around a week. If the pain takes longer, there may be potential issues leading to discomfort.

Factors that could lead to additional painĀ 


If you have any type of gum infection, it will lead to additional pain. If discovered early, it might be treated.

Implant rejection

Sometimes, the dental implant may not integrate with your bone, and your body rejects it. This is a failed implant. If this happens, the implant becomes loose resulting in more pain.

Nerve damage

This is a rare condition. The dentist may damage the nerve when drilling or place the implant near the nerve resulting in pain. In such incidence, the implant needs to be replaced or removed.

Clearly, pain after the dental implant is normal and manageable. If there is additional pain due to the factors stated above, visit your dentist for further treatment. There are some options you might take to minimize the pain. Follow medication properly, avoid hard foods, use ice cubes to numb the pain, rinse your mouth with salty water and maintain your dental hygiene.

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