Dental Appointment Cost: What you need to know

Dental hygiene including brushing and flossing your teeth is very key to maintaining healthy teeth. Apart from that, one is required to have a dental exam done every six months in order to keep the teeth in good health.  You may tend to wonder how much a dental exam or check-up will cost you and if you will be able to pay for it. Here are some information about your dental appointment cost, the different appointments and their costs that you are likely to incur. If you need help about a dental issue after a face surgery, like rhinoplasty, consult your doctor for your recovery.


Dental appointment cost : Different dental procedures

Dental exams vary in terms of costs depending on the type of procedure. This can be as low as $50 to $300 or more.

• General dental exam

This involves a general exam on the teeth, cleaning and taking of x-rays. The cost covering all these will range from $100 to $300.

Tooth Fillings

This involves removing part of a tooth that has decayed and filling it with protective material and the cost of this varies depending on how many fillings you require and the type of material to be used for filling.
For a single silver filing, the cost ranges from $50-$150.
For a single coloured resin filling, the cost ranges from $90-$250

Tooth extraction

dental appointment cost type

This involves removal of the tooth and can be done either surgically or by a non-surgical procedure.
A non-surgical procedure involving a gum erupted tooth costs between $70 and $300.
For surgical procedures that require anaesthesia, the cost ranges from $150 – $650.
Extraction of wisdom teeth costs between $70 and $200.

Dental Crowns

These are shells that are cemented on the tooth to protect it from the outer area. Their costs are quite higher and vary depending on the material and the number of teeth that require crowning.
Metal crowns of gold alloy cost between $600 and $2,500.
Porcelain fused to metal crown costs between $500 and $1,500.

• Teeth Braces

These are metal or ceramic braces that are used to align and position teeth correctly and they can cost from $1,500 to $10,000.

Root canals

These involve treatment of the pulp of the tooth that supplies it with nutrients which when not treated can die and infect the surrounding tissue.
The costs depend on the number of teeth and can cost an average of $150 for a single tooth.
Having a dental insurance cover can help in lowering the dental appointment  cost associated with the dental procedures as it will cover a considerable amount of fee or one can decide to have discounted dental plans where you obtain membership by paying some amount of fee and from it you can receive a discount on the costs of the dental services offered.

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