Permanent bridge Vs Removable Partial Dentures, Which Is Better?

People who have lost a tooth/teeth have reasons to smile again and not be ashamed by the gap left by the tooth/teeth that came out. This is because the gap can be sealed using a permanent bridge or removable partial dentures. But before deciding on which one you want, it is good you do thorough research on each and also ask an expert opinion from your dentist.

Permanent Bridge vs Removable Partial Dentures

Here we look and the pros and cons of each in terms of to guide you on the best that suits you.

1. Permanent Bridge

They are made of replacement teeth and are cemented on both sides of your healthy teeth.

Advantages Of Permanent Bridge

a) They are stable and can only be removed by a dentist. They feel natural and are easy to clean since you don’t need to remove them.

b) Lasts longer than removable partial dentures

Disadvantages Of Permanent Bridge.

a) Compared to removable partial dentures, they are more expensive.

b) Your natural teeth must be strong and healthy on both sides to support the bridge.

c) Can discourage patients because, in order for the bridge to be attached, the shape of your teeth has to be reconstructed and covered with dental crowns. permanent bridge vs removable partial denture


2. Removable Partial Dentures

They are made of replacement teeth attached to a molded plate.

Advantages Of Removable partial dentures

a) They are cost friendly compared to a bridge.

b) They are the best option for people whose natural teeth can’t handle a bridge due to being weak and in bad shape.

c) Best for patients with numerous missing teeth or even on both sides.

d) Can be used by people with gum loss or gum disease.

e) Are easy to clean since they can be removed.

Disadvantages Of Removable Partial Dentures

a) Their lifespan is lesser than that of a permanent bridge and has to be replaced frequently.

b) Compared to a permanent bridge, some people find them less comfortable and embarrassing since you have to remove them while sleeping or cleaning them.


As seen, you have a choice to make on which will work better for you. Your overall oral health, budget and the number of teeth to be replaced should guide you on what to go for. Port Macquarie dental offers quality dentures at their clinic. You can contact them by going to this link.

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