Pain after Dental Implant: How long does it take?

Dental implants are now common as the use of dental prosthesis is increasing. The dentists and patients are becoming more comfortable in using denture, bridge or crown to treat dental issues. In case you’re planning to have a dental implant, you must have a clear knowledge of the operation, the Pain after dental implant how long it would take. And if you are a Dentist and want to run ads for your dental implant service, visit this site and it will help you a lot.

Dental implant pain pain after dental implant how long

You must be worrying about the pain associated with a dental implant. You may have the misconception that the dental implant process will pain a lot. But, the truth is you will not feel any pain during the process. The dentist will use anesthetics and the process will be painless.

Pain after dental implant how long

The next question is what to expect after the surgery. Will it start to pain a lot once the effect of anesthesia goes away? Indeed, the sensation of pain is likely to continue about a week following the operation. You may feel a few of the common side effects of dental implant procedures. These include the discomfort and pain at the site of the implant and swelling of face or gum.

Although patients have minimal pain and little swelling following the surgery, it’s not very significant. Most of the patients usually can resume work and daily activities within 24-48 hours of the surgery.

Pain Factors:

  • Number of teeth involved
  • Bone grafting required or not
  • Availability of healthy bone
  • The capacity of your body to heal and recover

Food and drink to take after dental implant surgery

Stick to soft foods for the initial 7 days in particular. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, you may have to eat soft foods for a month. Avoid taking hot beverages like tea and coffee. Never drink alcohol or use a straw to drink liquid until the wound is completely healed.

With over 95% success rate, a dental implant is a great and safest way to solve dental issues than other fixes.

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