Buck Tooth and the Diverse Treatment Options

Also called malocclusion or an overbite, buck tooth is a misalignment of the teeth that occur in varying severity. Buck tooth makes you a little odd among the masses. Most people take it for granted. However, don’t despair. Today, treatment is available for the dental condition.

The benefits of the treatment are that you can avoid potential complications including damage to the adjoining teeth, the gums or the tongue. This may occur thanks to accidental biting.


Buck teeth can be attributed to genetic factors that run through generations, and the shape of the jaw. The other causes include thumb sucking or pacifier use – all childhood habits.


Treatment is essential if you face overbite that painful. Further, if you feel awkward because of the buck teeth, the best thing is to see a dentist/orthodontist.

Treatment is according to the size, type of the bite and the jaw position. It varies across personalities. Your dentist/orthodontist estimates the best treatment according to your condition.

  • Dental Braces

The most common are traditional retainers and braces. Though children and teenagers largely benefit from braces, adults can use them as well.

Metal wires and brackets associated with the teeth are made work such that they move the teeth progressively contributing to a clear smile.

  • Palate expansion

Palate expansion can be performed either for adolescents or children in cases the upper jaw is too small to hold the adult teeth.

A special appliance comprising two pieces known as palatal expander holds the upper molars.  An expansion screw causes the pieces to go away from one another to make the palate wider.

  • buck toothInvisalign

Invisalign is advised in minor cases in adults and teenagers.

An array of plastic aligners are prepared from the mold of your teeth and is put on over the teeth. This will change the position gradually to normalcy.  It is a costlier method and you need to see dentist fewer times.

  • Jaw Surgery

Surgery is advised in severe cases. It is meant for people whose upper and lower jaws are not in the right symmetry.

Buck teeth can be corrected. To experience the best, ensure good oral hygiene. Use a mouth guard to protect your teeth when you’re in high-jolt sports. Also, use the mouth guard in sleep and stress. See your dentist/orthodontist periodically.

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