Broken wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth are at the far end of the mouth and are always the last to erupt. They develop in the early 20s and are usually impacted, thus lacking the space to grow well. If you get lucky, your wisdom teeth will grow straight and healthy. But if you are unlucky, they may encounter trauma and break.

Effect of untreated broken wisdom tooth

When a wisdom tooth breaks, it should be taken with seriousness. Since time is of the essence, make a point of visiting a dentist as soon as possible. If ignored, the broken tooth may create a hole leaving the tooth vulnerable to bacteria. The bacteria may lead to infections which may end up affecting the surrounding gums tissue.

Treatment of broken wisdom tooth

broken wisdom toothIf there are signs of infections to the fractured wisdom tooth, you will be given antibiotic prescription before treatment. If there are no infections, an x-ray will be taken to determine the treatment option required. The dentist will consider several factors to determine what action to take.

If the wisdom teeth are not positioned correctly and put you at risk of decay, gum disease or interfere with your bite, then the dentist will recommend removal of all wisdom teeth.

If the wisdom tooth is impacted and does not help to chew, then the best thing to do will be to remove it.

If the wisdom tooth plays a role in chewing and does not cause any complication when broken, then the dentist may recommend repairing it with either a crown or filling.

If your wisdom tooth is broken, don’t let it reach a point where it’s painful to visit the dentist. If left untreated, it will probably cause more harm than good. Since the wisdom teeth are at the far back of the mouth, don’t forget to brush and floss them regularly.

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