A hole in tooth can lead to tooth loss-the solution is dental implants

Most people are rather scared of dental procedures. That is why there are patients that even when they see a hole in tooth they avoid visiting their dentist. But avoiding a dental treatment could lead to extreme situations like a tooth loss. Then you will have to replace the missing tooth with a bridge or tooth implant. You can find more information about tooth implants at this page https://www.dental266.com.au/dental-implants/.


There are things a dentist checks before installing a dental implant. As with any other medical procedures, the first step in the dental implant procedure entails having a consultation with your dentist. The dentist will conduct an oral examination to ensure you’re a good candidate for dental implants. At this point, some patients may be turned away from the procedure. Problems including low jawbone density may need to be faced with a bone graft surgery. During your second visit, your dentist will install the dental implant. The implants are made of titanium and are bound to your jawbone. Please note that dental implants are actually artificial roots, not artificial teeth. Once the implants have properly embed to the jawbone, artificial teeth will be installed on the implants. Fusion of the implant with the bone typically takes a few months.


The surgery and completion of implant placement
To install the implant, your dentist will make an incision on your gums and drill the bone. hole in tooth and implantThe implant will then be inserted and you will be advised on what to eat and avoid. A third dental visit will be necessary after several weeks to ensure the implant is fusing with the bone and that there are no problems. The dentist will also take the appropriate molds to allow him/her to order your dental crown. Your fourth and final appointment will entail the installation of the prosthetic teeth/crown. The dentist will simply install the crown on top of the implant. Once finished, you will be ready to enjoy your dental implants!


Always check your teeth for holes and decay signs and get a regular check up. But even if things go wrong and your dental health is really bad, with latest dental achievements your tooth restoration won’t be a problem.

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