Treatment To Ectopic Pregnancy

The treatment of ectopic pregnancy is different for each woman, according to the size and location of the implanted ovule itself and the type of pregnancy complications that it implies.

Ectopic pregnancy is dangerous. Having knowledge of the early warning signs of ectopic pregnancy can decrease the risk of danger for pregnant women. You can learn more about how to get safely pregnant at

Ectopic pregnancies are the leading cause of death in women in the first months of pregnancy. Therefore, consult a doctor immediately if you notice any abnormal symptoms that may be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy.

The first stage of treatment consists of the elimination of the dangerous non-viable intrauterine pregnancy to minimize the risk to the mother. The doctor always tries to protect the future prospects of pregnancy for the mother.

Complications include a reduced likelihood of an additional conception; However, this depends to a large extent on the extent of the damage to the internal organs. Future pregnancies can only be planned after consulting a doctor.

Treatment options include:

Non-invasive chemical method –

An early pregnancy, which is ectopic, can sometimes be cured with an injection of methotrexate that will dissolve the fertilized egg. This is beneficial for the mother because it prevents the healing of the pelvic organs.

pregnant after ectopic

Surgery –

If the ectopic nature of your pregnancy is discovered in later stages along with the complications of pregnancy, surgery may be necessary. Nowadays, the less invasive laparoscopic surgical technique is widely used in its treatment. If a woman’s fallopian tube ruptures, it can lead to an emergency operation in the abdominal section (Laparotomy) before the onset of complications in pregnancy. In very few cases, the doctor can repair the damaged fallopian tube, which in most cases is removed.

After the operation, one should closely monitor their HCG values (pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin). If this level does not show a reading of zero, additional surgery may be required for a lost ectopic tissue.

Your chance of a future pregnant after ectopic depends on where you implanted the ovule. However, if you have an ectopic pregnancy, the probability of a second increase. Therefore, doctors always advise being aware of the symptoms of early treatment.

Expectant management –

In some cases, the treatment of ectopic pregnancy can be done through expectant management. This implies close monitoring and follow-up, and no treatment is given. The expectant management is carried out in very few cases in which an automatic solution is expected. However, until the condition returns to normal, there is always a risk of breakage.

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